Osteria del Castello
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Osteria del Castello
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More than 100 years of history

Osteria since 1905

In 1905 the Osteria delCastello was born inside the ancient feudal village that overlooks the square. Meeting place for ordinary people who, after a day of work in the factory or after fishing in the lake spent a few hours over a glass of wine playing cards or talking about politics, money and women. After the war,the serving of takeaway wine in the rooms behind the inn is added to the primary activity . It preserves its characteristics until the early 80s, during these years it is renovated and becomes a sandwich bar( paninoteca).
From 1994 it goes back to being what it once was, even more ...the kitchen was added. The recent history of the tavern begins here, initially only cold meats and cheese were served to accompany a good glass of wine. Over time, the menu has been considerably enriched with new proposals and the common denominator is the initial love for simplicity and genuine food.